Guided Endodontics by Niraj Kinariwala and Lakshman Samaranayake, editors. Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature; 2021

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May 07, 2022

J Endod Microsurg. 2022;1:5.

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Tkachenko O. Guided endodontics by Niraj Kinariwala and Lakshman Samaranayake, editors. Cham, Switzerland: Sringer Nature; 2021. J Endod Microsurg. 2022;1:5.


It is not whether a clinician will adopt 3D guided

endodontics, it is only a matter of when.[1]

―Stephen Cohen, DDS

San Francisco, CA, USA


Endodontic guides (synonyms: endoguides, endodontic templates, 3-dimensional endoguides) guarantee two things: minimal invasiveness of the procedure and high level accuracy.[1] That is why two editors, Niraj Kinariwala and Lakshman Samaranayake, united another 18 contributors from totally 6 countries (Austria, Brazil, China, Denmark, Hungary, and India) bringing to the world Guided Endodontics.


The textbook (Fig 1) consists of 10 Chapters; all of them are dedicated to planning, manufacturing and application of all types of endodontic guides: (1) types depended upon their use in endodontic treatment (non-surgical and surgical guides), (2) types depended upon their support, and (3) types from classification of surgical endodontic templates.[1]

Perfect illustrations: computed tomography (CT), micro-CT data, virtual surgical planning, digital workflow, intraoperative images, and control X-rays immerse the reader in the smallest details of the guided treatment.


Chapter 8, “Static Guided Approach in Surgical Endodontics” perfectly describes guided microscopic root-end resection using stereolithographic manufacturing what is extremely useful in modern practice.


In summary, this textbook is a phenomenal chance for every endodontists to absorb all we need to know about state of the art principles and techniques of guided endodontics. I can honestly say that with profound knowledge and appropriate implementation of these techniques any practice limited to endodontics will reach the highest level of modern endodontic specialty.


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