The Time Has Come: Journal of Endodontic Microsurgery: A First Peer-Reviewed Open Access Publication Focused on Microsurgery in Endodontics

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a Ievgen I. Fesenko

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December 06, 2021

J Endod Microsurg. 2022;1: 1-4.

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Fesenko II. The time has come: Journal of Endodontic Microsurgery: a first peer-reviewed open access publication focused on microsurgery in endodontics. J Endod Microsurg. 2022;1:1-4.


Multiple articles [1-3], textbooks [4,5] and chapters [6,7], parts of the residency programs, meetings` topics, courses with hands-on training, and social media groups with more than 12,600 members [8] ― it`s not a full list of the scientific and practical developments associated with endodontic microsurgery (EM). The field of endodontics and EM is flourishing around the globe and more and more dental clinics/offices became equipped by microscopes, special EM instruments, used 3-D printed cutting guides [9], and educate their stuff, etc.


Analysis of the publications presented at the (1) Portal of International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) International Center and (2) SCImago Journal and Country Rank [10] revealed a scholar gap in such a growing field as EM. Using a search function at the Portal of ISSN International Center, all publications containing words endodontic(s), endodontology, microsurgery, and microsurgical in their titles have been analyzed and a word combination endodontic microsurgery was not found.


Among 141 journals in a subject area “Dentistry,” category “Dentistry (Miscellaneous),” (metrics based on Scopus® data as of April 2021) only eight of them (5.67%) have the word endodontic(s) in their titles (Table 1). Moreover, as of September 30, 2021 another endodontic publication (Endodontology journal) became a Scopus-indexed journal [11]. Thus, despite nine endodontically-focused journals are included to the prestigious database and published some number of EM papers, none of them is focused precisely on EM. That is why an initiative group of five EM-associated practitioners takes a responsibility as chief editors to move the EM direction forward with a new Journal of Endodontic Microsurgery (JEM). The names of those experts and opinion leaders are Spyros Floratos (Greece, United States), Daniel Flynn (United Kingdom), Oleksandr Tkachenko (Ukraine) (Fig 1), and Paula Villa (Colombia). All editors have a clear purpose to publish every year a volume of high-quality peer-reviewed articles.


TABLE 1. Journals with a Word Endodontic(s) in Titles which Included to the List of 141 Journals in a Subject Area “Dentistry,” Category “Dentistry (Miscellaneous)” (Scopus Metrics) [10]. Data as of April 2021.

English was chosen as journal`s official language due to its permanently growing global and scholar role. Also, we take into account the experience of the Korean [12-14] and French [15] journals which made the successful transition from domestic languages to English, what bring them wide visibility, citation, popularization growth, and as a result a strong impact factor.


And of course, an digital-only (also known as an online-only) or more correct to say printable digital-only became the journal`s publishing model. Upon publishing model choice the multiple advantages of both print and online publications and even the experience of journals with an impact factor which are performing a print-online to online-only transition were taken into account. For example, ANZ Journal of Surgery ― a journal with 2020 impact factor 1.872 ― is moving after 90 years of existence to a digital-only publication format since 2022 [16,17]. Another example, a respectful publication Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences ― a peer-reviewed journal with 2020 impact factor 2.088 ― has already taken such an evolving step in July 2020 (a Covid-19 pandemic era), after 74 years of journal`s life [18]. “This decision was made primarily to reflect the reality of how readers are using journal content in the days of internet access,” – Laura Hirshbein, Editor in Chief [18]. The recently launched journals, for example Dentistry Review [19], are predominantly open access, printable online only publications.


A fully open access publication model is so attractive for readers, authors, and editorial teams [14,20] that we chose it as a JEM`s publishing model.


Blue was chosen as the references color not only because it is one of the key colors of the inaugural journal`s cover page and pleasing to the eye, but also as a symbol of methylene blue staining [21] and its importance in the EM practice.


So, as a scientist and publisher, I`m sincerely happy to congratulate the editorial board with a launch and want to invite authors, reviewers, and readers to connect us in this beautiful new journey, the journey which can bring us to the places we cannot even dream about.


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